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Speed model: 45 mph
Designed in United Kingdom 🙌
All-terrain scooter
Designed in California 🙌
City fit: silent beauty
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Budget saving
A cost of just 40 pence to fully charge 2 batteries, providing up to 85 miles riding range. That’s just ½ a pence per mile, saving you as much as £120 per month
Up to
£ 120
savings per month
*compared to a 50cc petrol moped
3 years warranty
Maintenance free
Eco friendly
With zero emissions, QEE moped is your contribution to saving the environment. Keep our planet safe - start riding electric!
0 g/mi
Fully charged
Stay charged all day round with convenient portable batteries. No hassle with special chargers and stations - you just charge it at home, office, or cafe. So easy to be fully charged!
High quality Li-Ion batteries
10Ah chargers
2 batteries per moped
Smooth ride
Enjoy the silence of the smooth ride without a noise to keep your community and city a comfortable place to live.
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Choose what suits you best: action or tranquility. We offer you both.
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Nowadays, the concept of urban transportation is changing rapidly.

Streets are full of vehicles, downtowns are closed for cars, we spend hours in jams. Modern mobility is about two wheels and sometimes even one. We are looking for a cheap and effective new transportation which would make us moving again.

Electric mopeds - perfect example of personal transport that satisfy all your needs. It’s not a motorcycle which requires special skills and treatment. Moped is much lighter and easier to operate. It is closer to a bicycle but with more advantages.

We offer best electric mopeds on the market in 2021: Sunra Robo-S and Sunra Grace. These 2 mopeds are the best in its classes with outstanding performance results.

Robo-S is fastest electric moped on the market. Beats every competitor by speed and maneuvering. Slick design.

Grace is about beauty and design. Simply grace. 4 colors to choose from. 2 batteries to increase range and make you spend less on your ride.

Below are advantages we find in electric mopeds:

  • Light weight - easy to operate for men and women
  • Long range - up to 85 miles per charge
  • No noise - keeping community better place to live
  • No standing in traffic - faster than bicycle, motorcycle and any car
  • Extra low maintenance costs - electricity is way cheaper than patrol
  • Zero pollution - preserving nature and planet
  • Access to no-cars streets - allowed to downtowns and pedestrian areas
  • Street legal - allowed in all countries and cities

Choose yours and become independent as you move in your city.

*Last but not least, we offer free helmet for sale when you buy any moped from us!

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