Speed model

Put a halter on your beast ROBO-s

Max speed
50 mph
0-45 mph
in 8 sec
Starting from: $ 2,550
Electric moped can be really fast!
50 mph
Top speed
Active braking system for front and rear wheels
85 miles
Extra long range
We’ve created a fast moped for your active lifestyle. Unbelievably fast
Extra powerful motor combined with a dual battery gives you torque and speed that you never expect from a moped. Now you can feel yourself driving a sportbike with no extra hassle.
230 N.m
Peak torque
Motor 3,000W
Weight 250 lbs
The devil is in the detail
USB on board 🤘
Fingerprint access
3 speed modes: Eco / City / Sport
CBS braking system
Disk brakes
Spacious box for your helmet
Skip the bus. Get the QEE
Charging made easy
With the removable battery and fast charger, it is so easy to stay fully charged 24/7.
You charge it from the socket
You charge it at home
You charge it at work
You choose where to charge
Enjoy the silence
Feel the music of the wind on the sunrise ride or night stroll. Where would you go?
Digital display
LED front and rear lights
Spacious storage under the seat
Front pocket and bag hook
High quality Li-Ion battery
Equipped with dual Li-Ion battery, 72V40Ah combined, SUNRA ROBO-s is the fastest moped in its category. With an impeccable 45 mph and 85 miles range.
Technical specifications
69 x 30 x 46 inches
Wheel base
51 inch
Max speed
50 mph
72V20Ah x 2
Max range
85 miles
250 lbs
Max load
400 lbs

Sunra Robo-S is one of the top electric mopeds on the market today. What makes it top of the line? Here’s a short review of the most significant advantages of Robo-S:

First, it’s a speed. Robo-S top speed is 50 mph which is equivalent to 125 cc petrol mopeds. Combination of powerful motor, battery and controller makes it possible to get high speed with long range.

Second, it’s the battery. Actually, 2 batteries. You can use 2 batteries in Robo-S which extends range significantly. And it gives you option to charge one battery while driving on another one. How smart is that? And don’t forget that these batteries are removable which can be charged from regular socket.

Third, it’s fingerprint start as a key. Just like your phone. Simple as that.

Price of Robo-S is something to be mentioned too. Famous brands price levels for less equipped models is £3,000 – £5,000, when Robo-S is offered at £2,000 – £3,000 pounds. Save right from the start.

So, why wait? Tell us if you want a test ride – we’ll come to you. Buy your new ride on our website without any hassle – we will deliver straight to your door.

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